Tonight at the Tub

Analog Daze

Analog DazeAnalog Daze lets the guitars ring while raising a considerable racket. Their brand of jangle is less British Invasion and more dusty psychedelia of '80's paisley underground outfits like True West, Green on Red, and the Replacements with modern day counterparts Bad Company, The Black Crowes, Rival Sons, Dawes, Alberta Cross and the acid punk gone country ethos of The Meat Puppets. The scorched earth, twin guitars that stick to your ribs are thought out with Craig Hank's fret work coming straight out of The Dream Syndicate's "Medicine Show" while Sean Carrouth's guitar lines are more a mix of Clapton's "Slow Hand" and Slash's blistering leads. Sean's equally impressive vocals are reminiscent of Paul Rogers meets Chris Robinson on a five-day bender. Rhythm is held down by John Christenbury on bass guitar and Tom Thomas on drums, creating a rock-solid foundation for Craig and Sean to soar over. This band sounds like punk gone country. Their solid song writing that will have you humming the tunes long after your ears stop ringing. 
Never A Cover!