Whiskey Wednesday with Ryan Winters

Ryan Christ Winters

Ryan Winters

Whiskey Wednesday - $1.00 off all whiskey drinks

Mid-week mania with $1.00 off any whiskey drink or a $3 NC-brewed craft beer, all while diggin’ the groove laid down by Mooresville’s own Ryan Christ Winters.

Keyboard Magician extraordinaire Ryan Winters brings his brand of fancy frenetic frolicking fingerwork and vivacious vocal viscosity to to complement CJ’s magnificent mixology.

That’s how we do Hump Day around here!

Oh Yeah! Bow-chika-wow-wow!

Head Fun Trio

Head Fun Trio

Head Fun Trio

Based out of the Charlotte, NC, Headfun is an eclectic musical phenomenon whose soul purpose is to make the good times happen. Performing a broad range of cover songs and originals, Brandon and Anna Mann make it their mission is to bring the “fun” to their audience.

Sit back, relax, and let their hypnotic beats, soulful harmonies, and solid chops take you on a musical voyage.