Ziggy Pockets


Ziggy Pockets was born in rural West Virginia to a dedicated mother and a rambling guitar playing father who sang to Ziggy from the time he was old enough to listen. In 1989 his mother Kim moved him to Charlotte, North Carolina and he was introduced to the southern music culture including hip hop and southern bluegrass. Influenced by the likes of Waylon Jennings, Johnny Paycheck, 2 Pac, N.W.A., and living legend Roger Alan Wade, Ziggy developed a unique style that can only be his own.

His vast love for music is evident in the songs he writes and the company he keeps. You will hear songs influenced and inspired by old greats and true stories. His music is real life and he hopes you will find a few songs that strike a chord in your own. You can hear a classic country ballad or a hardcore rap song, but most of all his versatility and love for music is what he wants to come through in his songs.

Travis Griggs and Friends

Travis Griggs

Travis Griggs

For many years Travis Griggs was a solo artist playing bars, coffee shops and street corners as an acoustic singer/songwriter act. Now he has started to collaborate with other artists to bring his true vision into reality.

You never know what instrumentation to expect as Travis has played sets including cello, tuba, sax and many other instruments an arrangements over the recent months. With plenty of material and recording to start soon Travis Griggs & Friends is sure to produce a unique and fun sound. Enjoy 🙂