What is Gulley? Gulley is where Woodstock ‘69 and 1990s college rock intersect. And when you have found a place—a sound—this good, you just can’t help but share this good news.

And that’s exactly what Chobey Badgio, Nick Badgio, and Charlie Witherspoon are doing. Formed in April 2010, Gulley has been consistently performing their music in bars across North Carolina. Never afraid to mix the old with the new, the unknown with the mainstream, and loudness with splendor, they have found their rock sound from every rock musician to ever take a stage.

Folkgrass Songwriter Showcase and Open Mike

Join us for our weekly Open Mike, Cluster Pluck and Songwriter Showcase.

Each week we welcome players and singers of all skill levels, and we offer them a chance to get up and play their favorite songs in front of a super appreciative audience. Come on down and have your very own 15 minutes of fame! We would love to hear you!

The suave and debonnaire Ryan is behind the bar, and he’s serving up some pretty snappy custom specials! Can’t beat that!

Open Mic Signups at 8:30pm. Music starts at 9:00pm

C’mon! Don’t be bashful! What are you waiting for??

Whiskey Sessions: Gabe Britton

Whiskey Wednesday - $1.00 off all whiskey drinks

Mid-week mania with $1.00 off any whiskey drink or a $3.50 NC-brewed craft beer, all while diggin’ the groove laid down by Mooresville’s own Gabe Britton.

Resident crooner Gabe Britton will be bringing his vivacious vocal viscosity to complement Brook’s cheerful disposition and magnificent mixology..

That’s how we do Hump Day around here!

Oh Yeah! Bow-chika-wow-wow!