Circus Mutt

Circus Mutt
Hailing from Asheville NC, Circus Mutt brings a rootsy, funky, twangy twist to their songs and performances. These guys are a rocking amalgam of the best that Americana has to offer. Bring yer dancin’ sneakers and prepare to get down and boogie!

Folkgrass Songwriter Showcase and Open Mike: Kate and Corey

Kate and Corey

Kate Shaffer and Corey Coleman are a Bluesy Americana duo that have quickly made a big name for themselves. Time on the road, living out of a car has enabled them to enhance the robust sounds of the simple setup of two acoustic guitars and two distinct voices. That sound is a result of the guitars and voices communicating the dynamics of their distinctively different backgrounds.

This year Kate and Corey were nominated by the Georgia Music Awards in the “Best Americana/Bluegrass” category, as well as “Duo/Group/Band of the Year” by the Georgia Country Awards. They are currently on a Fall tour of the South East, and it has brought them little old Mooresville! Let’s show them how we do it around here!

Check ’em out!

Join us for our weekly Open Mike, Cluster Pluck and Songwriter Showcase. Each week we welcome players and singers of all skill levels, and we offer them a chance to get up and play their favorite songs in front of a super appreciative audience. Come on down and have your very own 15 minutes of fame! We would love to hear you!

Open Mic Signups at 8:30pm. Music starts at 9:30pm

C’mon! Don’t be bashful! What are you waiting for??

Folkgrass Artist: Stuart McNair

Stuart McNair was recently called “one of the South’s musical treasures” by Maverick Magazine UK, for his ability to combine Southern American Folk, Zydeco, Bluegrass, and Reggae traditions and weave them into Earth-friendly, life-affirming, uplifting songs. Maverick called his music a “cosmic musical jouney”.

Stuart McNair is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader from the American South. Born and raised on the Alabama and Louisiana Gulf Coast, Stuart now lives in Asheville, NC. He combines Folk, Country, Bluegrass, and Louisiana traditions for an iresistible sound and joyous live show. His songs, called “dazzling”, “uplifting”, and “glorious”, deliver an Earth-friendly message and deal with love, life, and communion with nature.

With a busy touring schedule both in the US and overseas, Stuart wows audiences by playing guitars, piano, harmonicas, trumpet, accordion, washboard, mandolin, and other instruments on stage. He has a strong Zydeco influence, and he uses bayou and mountain rythms, and unique tales to take his audience to new places.

Stuart McNair and his full band play major music and arts festivals in the States (Shakori Hills Grassroots (NC), Spirit of the Suwannee Festivals (FL), Elderberry Festival (MO), the Magic City Art Connection (AL), and the Festival of Spirituality and Peace in Scotland (UK).

Stuart’s songs have landed on AAA, NPR, and other charts. Stuart recently played in London during the 2012 Olympics.

Stuart’s latest release, a full band Zydeco-influenced romp called “Dance All Day”, has had great reviews in the US and the UK.


2004 – Building a Fire
2008 – Growing a Garden
2009 – Climbing a Mountain
2012 – Dance All Day
2012 – Alive in London

Quick Quotes:

“McNair touches on elements of life, love, faith, and our communion with nature. In simple, straight-forward fashion, McNair has created an album that should establish him as one of the best young talents in folk music, bar none. Guaranteed to get your feet moving, get you thinking, and even make you laugh”

“Destined for Alternative Greatness”
– Muse’s Muse Online Reviews

“Sends a shiver down the spine. The gloriousness is downright outrageous. An act whose career should be closely followed”
– Maverick Magazine, London, UK

“Cosmic thoughts and unforgettable, beautiful songs…a bit like Johnny Cash singing the Upanishads.”
– Mobile Bay Monthly

“Guaranteed to get your feet moving, get you thinking, and even make you laugh”

“Building a Fire is a much-needed reemergence of heartfelt, quality Southern music. It’s an impressive combination of folk, bluegrass, and alt. country….akin to the likes of Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, with a hint of Simon and Garfunkel.”

“He could be on the airwaves in an instant. Or with the right support, he could be the next alt-country darling, alongside Ryan Adams and Wilco”
– City Magazine, Tuscaloosa, AL

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